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June 07 2012


Busy Busy

Getting some serious work done today - and I’m really excited too, because the lava lamps I ordered should be delivered soon, lol.

So work - which I do enjoy.  And lava lamps - which are cool.

Good day all around I think.  ;)

June 06 2012



Really don’t give a shit about it anymore - tired of fighting - tired of wondering if …  just tired of all of it.

June 04 2012


June 02 2012


Lucky People in the Eastern Time Zone

I still have to wait three more hours to watch the premiere of “It’s Me or the Dog” on Animal Planet (7pm)…  and those lucky ones in the ET zone get to watch it in three minutes.

And I have no patience, lol.

June 01 2012


May 31 2012

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Up late - finding out what all the G.O.T. hubbub is about. (Taken with instagram)


Check Out My Twylah Page!!



Are you ready for this?  It’s the Season 4 promo of “It’s Me or the Dog”!!

Season 4 (US) premieres Saturday, June 2nd, at 7pm E/P, on Animal Planet!!

Wow - would not want to mess with Victoria when she’s pissed off, lol.



There is something I want to talk to SOMEONE about - but there’s no one…  and it’s not something I can talk about with just anyone, or I would just post it.  It would be nice to have someone to share things with - but it seems that everyone is just moving further and further away from me, even though I live closer.  Everyone else has their little “thing” with someone else, and I have no one to listen to me about my “thing” - and it makes me very sad.  But I bet you a million dollars it won’t matter.  I wouldn’t want anyone to hurt themselves trying to talk to me about anything I enjoy.

Oh well - I really should be used to it - so whatever - bugger them all.

May 30 2012

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May 28 2012


May 27 2012


From Now On...

I’m just going to go back to doing my own thing - let them have theirs - because trying to be a part of anything else, well, it’s never allowed…


I guess you could say things are back to normal.


Story of my life.


Victoria Stilwell Fans: It's Me or the Dog - New Episodes Coming Up!!


June 2nd - 7pm E/P - Animal Planet

Living in a Prison

Victoria tries to help a family dog suffering from panic attacks so severe that he’s crashed through a glass window seven times! But can she get his owners to stop pointing fingers to fix the problem?

Only one more week and IMOTD Season 4 premieres!!!

May 26 2012


A scene from “Dakota Territory” - the “It’s Me or the Dog” episode (repeat) that Animal Planet is airing tomorrow at 10am E/P.  Getting ready for the 3rd Season premiere next week!! 

New shows start June 2nd at 7pm E/P on Animal Planet!  Can’t wait!!

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